Customer Privacy Policy

At Mojo we provide a "laid back" and fun service. However we take privacy very seriously. We will never disclose any information you may provide to us ever!! this is perhaps another reason Mojo is trusted among Sydney's elite social list

At Mojo we pride ourselves on our reputation. Our strive for repeat business and customer satisfaction means that we guard our client’s and model’s privacy stringently.

Credit card transactions are handled discretely with no reference to the adult industry. In addition no information is retained that identifies our customers.

As you have noticed the facial features of our Mojo models have been blurred. this is to protect their identities from friends and family.

In the case of you booking commercial model you will be asked to sign a non disclosure agreement that commercially binds you to not disclose that you have spent time this this person.

Accordingly, it is forbidden for clients and models to exchange details or have contact other than through the agency. The escorts are under strict instructions to immediately terminate a booking without refund if the customer persists in attempting to obtain personal details.

So having the business side of things sorted.. Have fun!!


Mojo Escort Model Sevices